Pillar Oil & Kurusu Mini Manifold Project


Pillar Oil Limited intends to carry out an upgrade of the EPF Tank Farm Operations Mini Manifold located at Umuseti – Ogbe, Kwale, Delta State. Kurusu & Associated Industries Limited was selected through the ITT process and awarded the Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and Hook-up contract of the EPF Tank Farm Operations Mini Manifold, in line with all standards and codes. Jonestech Technical Services Limited in Consortium with Xandeli Nigeria Limited, was awarded the Sub-contract by Kurusu & Associated Industries Limited to carry out Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation (EPCI) of the EPF Tank Farm Operations Mini Manifold, in line with all standards and codes.


The EPF Tank Farm Operations Mini Manifold upgrade is required to enable maximum flexibility in routing of production from the small/big production separators into the small/big crude oil storage tanks. Currently, flow from the small separator can only be routed to the small tanks and from big separator to the big tanks. This will enable any combination of flow routings to be possible at any time and enhance EPF to operate maximally. This Work Methodology will describe the various ways by which this project will be executed without hitch and ensure a timely and quality completion as well as safe and hitch free hook-up in accordance with POL company standards and best industry practices.

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