Our Services

Our team of both local and experts are here are highly skilled and experience to deliver projects to the best possible standards.


Installations & Construction

❖ Piping and Pipeline Installation
❖ Mechanical Installation
❖ Civil/Structural Construction
❖ Electrical & instrumentation Installation
Pressure Indicator

Testing Services

❖ Non-Destructive Testing Services
❖ Ultrasonic Testing Services
❖ Magnetic Particle Inspection
❖ Hydrotest and Pre-commissioning

Supply of OEM Equipment

❖ Piping and Pipeline Fittings
❖ Measurement / Flow Instrument
❖ Line Pipes and Induction Bends
❖ Isolation Joints
❖ Valves
❖ Production Chemicals
❖ Drilling Chemicals
❖ Swagelok Connection
Oil and Gas

Corrosion Control

❖ Remediate and Reinforcement of Pipes
❖ Corrosion Barrier and Isolator
❖ Restoration of Pipes
Oil and Gas

Industrial Borehole and Water Treatment Plant

❖ Borehole Drilling (from small to large diameter)
❖ Installation of Water Treatment Plant
❖ Construction Of Civil Foundation
❖ Electrical Installation of JB and Electric water pumps
❖ Commissioning
Piping Fabrication

Project Management

❖ Project Support
❖ Project Planning and Scheduling
❖ Community Engagement
❖ Procurement
❖ Interface Management
Oil and Gas


❖ Fabrication of Floating and Fixed Roof Storage tanks
❖ Fabrication of Ready to use LPG tanks and accessories
❖ Fabrication of piping spools

OEM Equipment

We engage in rental of various OEM Equipments.

Our team of professionals will get the desired outcome for that project or need.

Our organization is totally committed to a policy enabling all work activities to be carried out safely. We are also setup to achieve and maintain high standards of environmental care, protection and management in all aspects of our operations.

Safety Policy

Consequently we place high priority on all possible measures to eliminate or at least limit risks to the health, safety and welfare of our personnel, Clients, environment or any else one who may be affected by our operations.

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Environmental Policy

We hall avoid or minimize any adverse environmental impact, damage and pollution resulting from our operations. We shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards towards enhancement of sustainable development

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